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Karina & Robbie

In May of 2021, I got the privilege of celebrating a beautiful Outer Banks Wedding in North Carolina.

Karina and Robbie hosted their wedding in the backyard of Robbie’s childhood beach house in Corolla Beach, OBX. The wedding was simple and perfect. Karina wore a lightweight sleek gown with a cape instead of veil and her bridesmaids all wore white with her.

Their flowers were mostly white with pops of peach tones, and the tables were set with vintage inspired glassware.

From the stunning Live Oaks, to the unbelievable sunset, this wedding teleports you to the beach vacation of your dreams. It was relaxing and ambient. All the family and guests were so welcoming and kind. Robbie and Karina’s love really shone through the day.

second shot for By Colette Photo

happy and fun, romantic beach wedding in Outer Banks NC. Colorful, True to Color ceremony at the beach in OBX

Why This Outer Banks Wedding Is So Important To Me

This will always be one of my favorite weddings, not just because it was so beautiful but, because this was the first wedding I ever second shot, it was the first time I had been to the Outer Banks, and I discovered my favorite summer song during their cocktail hour: This Life by Vampire Weekend. I can remember hearing it and singing the chorus over and over in my head so I wouldn’t forget to look it up later.

My mom also loved the song, so we drove up and down the island blasting it the day after the wedding. Now, when summer hits, we will be in the car and one of us will say “let’s play our Outer Banks song!” Read my blog post “Outer Banks, N.C. Weekend Trip – Food, Tours, Stay, and More” (coming soon) to hear more about our trip to the OBX.

I always say that I would love to go back to the Outer Banks, but I know it will never be same because I’ll never be able to relive this day. This wedding was truly the embodiment of a movie wedding.

What Makes This Wedding So Beautiful & How You Can Incorporate These Elements Into Your Wedding

The most obvious thing that makes this wedding appealing is the absolutely stunning location; a beach. One piece of advice I give all couples planning their wedding is “location, location, location.” Karina and Robbie’s wedding was set in Corolla Beach, N.C.

The Ceremony and Reception took place at Robbie’s childhood beach house, Karina got ready at Corolla Village Inn, and during Cocktail Hour we snuck away to capture gorgeous bride and groom portraits on a beach, down the road. Even with the harsh sunlight, we scored some magazine worthy shots of this newly married couple… we even got some great walking shots going back and forth from the car to the beach. Speaking of walking back and forth between the car and the beach… I almost got left behind because I was struggling to put my tennis shoes back on after leaving the beach… I had sand in my shoes for the rest of the night… it was worth it.

Another thing wedding is how simple it was. Karina and Robbie’s wedding is a good example of how less is more.. focusing on quality over quantity. They stayed very traditional and cut out all the trendy instagram nonsense, which will make their wedding timeless and keep it looking beautiful throughout the ages. The long lasting beauty of this wedding reflects their love perfectly.

If you love the look of this relaxed, tasteful wedding you should check out Romantic and Fun Virginia Mountain Wedding (coming soon).

The Importance Of A Wedding Photographer

When planning a timeless wedding it is important to hire a wedding photographer that compliments that style. I prioritize authenticity through all my photos. I like to call myself a Documentary Style / Photojournalistic Style Wedding Photographer. This means that I capture each wedding day like a news story or a journalism project… the truest storytelling form. I observe and photograph the day as it unfolds, I don’t like to fake anything, but I love to offer guidance when my clients need it. After all, a good photo without a good story is nothing but a hollow photo. In the same way I value authenticity in my shooting style, I also value authenticity in my editing. I like to edit my couple’s photos true to color and naturally… but with a hint of a film vibe.

More information about me and the experience of working with me.

Okay, enough of me… here is these beautiful photos I keep hyping up.

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